Mutilated Art Set 01
Production April 2011-Ongoing
Released No Date Planned for Release


Over a year or so I have been in a constant holding pattern with regards to a new Set of work known as Dark Art Set 28.

I am now coming clean, plans do make use of monsters/supernatural, and my expressionist side. However, I have as a artist outgrown my old work and I feel in order to grow, I have to start from anew with new rules and goals. Dark Art Set 27 may or may not be the end of the old series, but a new Series is planned.

It will be of 12 art images that will begin as sketches and will unlike previous art keep sketch work within the product, and may actually show up in the final work. The format I feel needs bigger canvases to better show off detail. These art images will not be done in 3 hours to 6 hours. I want them to be longer and may take days of revisits. I don't hold back the idea of coming back to old work and redueing it in this new format.

The format will be based on the sketch first as a base. While my previous works are sometimes loosely based on sketches and references, this will be completely started from a sketch. Most of the rest will be like previous work.