"Old Artwork"

The Artwork on this page is 5 years or older, and in no way is current. Most art with this tag is a archived type of art meant to show the progression to the current styling of the Artist.

Dark Art Set 20
Production July 2002 - September 2002
Released October 2002

Dark Art Set 20 of the Dark Art line. It features sequel to "Hurt".


NumberArtwork's Name
01Welcome to Hell!
02Battery Practice
03Emerging Chaos
04Forbidden Domain
05Hells Bell
06Circle of Death
07The Full Moon Blooms
08The Face of Fear
09Muddy Observance
10Spring Frost
11Slime of the City
12Bad to the bone
14Drowning at Dawn (Hurt part 2)
16Watermelon Dicer
17Crazy Animal
18To be Scared
19The Egyptian Curse
20Doomed to be in Sorrow
21The Color of Disaster
22To Scream Bloody Gore
23Blood is Life
24Kitty Snack
25Brewing up a Potion
26Not Frankly Happy
27Beyond Sorrow Towards Nothingness
28Self Destruct
29Imminent Danger
30Everything has a Grim Ending