Dark Art Set 01
Production Winter 1996 to Spring 1997
Released March 1997

The First Set of Art was made over along period of time. Some images were very different from each other due to how long I worked on the set. But also it should be known that I made many of the images of this set at the same time as images in sets: 2, 3, 4. One creature called "Big Toe in Your Face!" was also made during that time. But not until later did I find it after I lost it for some time.

Many of the monsters in this set have returned in later sets. Here's a list of them:

  • "Lonely"
  • "Little Devil"
  • "Demon out of the Light"

One Picture in the set I like to speak of, is "Pain under the Snow". The Image is truly one for me and my art Style. The monsters of this set are oddly not the main subject of the image, and the person is instead. The image was meant to show the feeling of being lost in a snowy place, and the thoughts you could hae from such a problem.

"Hidden in the Forest" is some way shows the feeling of being lost in the forest and the evil visions you see in the trees and such. The image draws on the nice bright sky vs, the scary and dark bottom with evil red eyes and teeth.


NumberArtwork's NameHighlight
02Little DevilX
03Demon out of the LightX
04Pain under the Snow
05I'm Going to get you in your Sleep!
06Fire some Lies!
07Hidden in the Forest
08The Great Blue burning in the light
09Drowning in the Water Forever!
10Light Pain
11Bloody Fingers
12Lava PlanetX
14Watch out for the Sad Things (Sad Things Sad)
15Sir. Weird
16Late Night Light
17Scary C's
18A Cold Vortex
19Devil so Bright Tonight (A Scary Sight)X
20Dark Light
21The Vortex of the Laughing Voices in your Head! (Laughing Voices!)
22Eyes in Soup
23A Shadow in the DarkX
24Slime in your Head!X
25Aliens or Fallen Angels?!X
26Monster Man
27Dark Thoughts Shown
30Darker than DarkX